Guwahati International Airport, Assam

Client : Airports Authority of India
Plot Area : 50 Acres
Built Up Area : 13.5 lakhs Sq. Ft.

Guwahati International Airport is conceptualized with an intent to trigger moments of discovery and togetherness, enhancing user engagement. We believe in the importance of contextual relevance. The design, therefore, is infused with the flavors of Assam, the land which is asam (undulating).
The form of the structure takes inspiration from Icarus – the mythological figure who dared to fly. The grand centerpiece is symbolic and looms over the departure concourse, its arms outstretched as it reaches out to the skies. The free form doubles up as the canopy for the drop-off zone.
Few things straddle the realms of art, physics, and sculpture, as Origami does. The childhood memories of flying paper planes and zooming towards the heaven are reminiscent of individual craftsmanship. The design drew deep inspirations from Origami – a companion and a tool that aided in the evolution of the form. Before they knew it, however, the idea dominated the design entirely – it finds expression in the terminal roof, the flooring patterns, the column cladding, the theme walls, and even the signage design.
The Guwahati Airport is designed with a 4-Star GRIHA rating parameter. The focus on sustainability was imbibed right at the design inception stage when a conscious attempt was made to inter-weave the built form with the outdoors. The indoor forest is a physical manifestation of this thought –it is separated by a glass wall from the more massive outdoor forest, fitting in like a tongue-in-groove with the terminal building and becoming an integral and inseparable part of the built whole. The car park structures are designed to be covered with photovoltaic panels that generate almost 500 KW of solar energy.
At the altar of the land of the mighty Brahmaputra and Maa Kamakhya Devi, the New Integrated Terminal Building of Guwahati International Airport is an ode to the ancient yet reinvigorated spirit of Assam, the Seven Sisters, and our own Incredible India. It is the collective dream and effort of a team of fifteen consulting and design firms, including Aecom, Design Forum International, Integral Designs, Axis Facades, Gaurav Jindal, Alpana Khare Designs and CBRE.

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